Welcome to Access Procurement

Australian exporters of quality Australian made products and access systems to Papua New Guinea.

Access Procurement is a dedicated Supply Chain Management Company that specializes in sourcing and Procuring quality materials and products from Leading Suppliers in the World for our Clients in the South

Through vigilant planning, strategizing and execution, our Clients can reach their optimum project outcomes both effectively and efficiently.

What We Do

  • Identify Client’s needs – OBJECTIVE
  • Design a Strategy tailored to our Client’s needs – STRATEGY
  • Source materials from reliable Suppliers and organizations to suit project specifications – PLAN
  • Perform Quality Checks both inhouse and external – QUALITY ASSURANCE
  • Organize logistics and deliver materials within corporate guidelines and timeframes – EXECUTION
  • Conduct induction, Training and Ongoing Support – OHS and WSM
  • Process – (FLOWCHART)

Our Clients

Every Client is different. At Access Procurement, we approach each Client, both diligently and with integrity. Each case is carefully analyzed and understood by our Experts before a tailored to meet our Client’s special needs and specifications. Our Clients are engaged from the beginning and kept informed, every step of the way.

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